The Depressed Cake Shop (Leeds) – Press Release

The Depressed Cake Shop

As you may know, Bewildered Bug has a personal interest in Mental Health and Mental Illness Awareness, and I’ve just opened my allergy free baking and cake topper business, The Baking Bug.  So, when I heard about the Depressed Cake Shop, a venture to increase awareness and funds for mental health issues, I immediately thought “I need to get involved!”  And I have become involved in every way I can – and will be taking part in the Pop-Up Depressed… Continue Reading “The Depressed Cake Shop (Leeds) – Press Release”

Quickie Post: Anxiety – how ridiculous can you be?

Depressed lady

I’ve sorta been ignoring my anxiety recently because the biggest thing that it was doing was making me incredibly nervous before the Cybher conference last weekend.  As usual, I was fine once I reached to the conference and met some incredibly friendly ladies (and gents! Shoutout to Matt from cbias!).  I actually got to talking about my anxiety and was able to pinpoint some of the things I know it keeps me back from doing. 1) I cannot call people… Continue Reading “Quickie Post: Anxiety – how ridiculous can you be?”

Social Anxiety – the bane of my life.

Bewildered Bug

Social Anxiety seems to be a guest on my bus of life that I cannot get rid of. A year ago, I was curled up on my living room carpet, shaking and crying with fear. The TV was on and tuned to some mindless channel but I only registered it as background noise.  I was shivering but not cold, my mind was running away with itself and I had no clue why. Why. I was terrified of leaving the apartment. … Continue Reading “Social Anxiety – the bane of my life.”

Masks we wear and Mental Health Awareness Day

Masks we wear during mental illness

I know this post is coming late in the day, but I really meant to write it earlier – then I threw out my back and have been lying down for quite a while since….anyway, this is what I wanted to talk about today…Today is Mental Health Awareness Day and because I promised to do the October 2012 NaNoBloPo and didn’t even start it, I wanted to use this post to honor the blogging challenge even thought will not be… Continue Reading “Masks we wear and Mental Health Awareness Day”

Top Mental Health Issues in 2012 and how to help

infographic from

I found this infographic that I found extremely interesting and thought you may as well.  I got it from a site called Mind for a Better Mental Health that has a lot of interesting tidbits and good reads for those of you suffering from mental health issues, or for those of you who know people who are.  When you have a chance hop on over and check them out! If you’re like me, you have suffered from mental health problems… Continue Reading “Top Mental Health Issues in 2012 and how to help”

Princess Diana gave away her children’s privacy according to Maclean’s magazine

Recently (okay today), I read an article about the royals. Yes, yes, the Bug has jumped on the royal bandwagon….but maybe not in the normal predictable ooh-and-aah and look-what-they-did-today-they-ate-breakfast-with-a-spoon-instead-of-a-fork manner that is so popular in all sorts of media and gossipy dinner conversations these days. This article is in the May 28/2012 issue of Maclean’s magazine. This is what I would consider a influential and respectable magazine, so I was surprised to see the front cover emblazoned with the words… Continue Reading “Princess Diana gave away her children’s privacy according to Maclean’s magazine”

Mental Health Mondays: Rising Above Stress

Mental Health is a serious issue affecting our society today. In an effort to get rid of the negativity and the stigma against mental issues, these brave people have chosen to share their stories with you. Be nice, read, reflect and respond reasonably. Mental Health Mondays has NOT died, it is ongoing, but it needs you to be brave by sending in your stories, in order to continue. If you would like to express yourself and share your story on… Continue Reading “Mental Health Mondays: Rising Above Stress”

My biggest challenge

Without a doubt, the most challenging event in my life was (and still is) my struggle with depression. I wrote a series of blogs on depression that you can access here, for those of you interested in further details and opinions on this topic. In 1999, I dropped out of school to go back to Trinidad.  I was diagnosed with clinical depression and put on a regiment of Paxil and therapy. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  I kept… Continue Reading “My biggest challenge”

Four Tips – Day 7 of the 10 day sickie challenge

I’ve decided to to the 10 day sickie challenge from Monique over at A Messy Happiness.  I’ve been complaining a lot on my blog these days and she reminded me that there are people, some very close to my heart, that definitely have it worse and complain less. FOUR TIPS FOR GOING GLUTEN FREE (from a non-professional mostly gluten free person) –Don’t just substitute gluten free baked goods for normal baked goods.  Pre-made gluten free products tend to contain more… Continue Reading “Four Tips – Day 7 of the 10 day sickie challenge”

Depression Series: Part 4 – My advice

In this part of the series, I had wanted to give you what I believe to be some good ways to deal with depression as a family member of a depressed person in this blog.  However, because I got a question that I believe a lot of you may have and have not voiced, and because I should have said it in Part 1, I decided to answer it prior to giving my advice. What is the difference between Manic… Continue Reading “Depression Series: Part 4 – My advice”