Small miracles and my Ray of Sunshine

Small miracles by Bewildered Bug

I sat in church, not paying attention to mass, but instead thinking of all the things that were weighing heavy on my mind.  This whole move to London was just dragging me down.  My life was going nowhere, my marriage falling apart, my career seemingly impossible.  London had brought with it a whole series of challenges that I had not even imagined would happen – after all, the worst was supposed to be behind us, right?  This was the future… Continue Reading “Small miracles and my Ray of Sunshine”

Improving your quality of sleep

Improving your quality of sleep by Bewildered Bug

Let’s talk about sleep.  I mean real, quality sleep.  I’m one of those people.  I’m the person who cannot sleep because there’s a miniscule crack of light in the room, or a light from a charging iPhone, or the sound of someone’s radio two apartments away or….just  name it and it probably keeps me up.  I was the child who, when spending the night at my best friend’s house, did not sleep.  I remember many and many times of lying… Continue Reading “Improving your quality of sleep”

Gluten Free Street Food Festival

Gluten Free Street Food Festival with Bewildered Bug

You read that right – I found a gluten free street food festival.  Okay, perhaps I didn’t find it – the lovely people from one of my #foodie Meetup groups, The Gluten Free London Club (check them out if you like to eat out gluten free and want some company), found it.  They found this festival a bit last minute and put up the meetup last minute….but I’m so glad they did because even though I was not able to… Continue Reading “Gluten Free Street Food Festival”

The Benefits of Rose Hip Oil

The Benefits of Rosehip Oil by Bewildered Bug

I’m really excited to tell you about Sukin certified organic rose hip oil.  If you’ve followed the blog, you know that I have complained about my skin many, many, many times…that’s cause I’m either horrible at taking care of my skin or my skin is just impossible.  Since moving to London, the hard water and added stresses have made my skin even MORE impossible.  It got to such a point that even my cousin (who makes homemade and all natural… Continue Reading “The Benefits of Rose Hip Oil”

Lessons Learnt from Toronto

Lessons learnt from Toronto by Bewildered Bug

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that a few weeks ago, I visited Toronto.  It was a great opportunity to get back to familiar places and experiences and to see so many of the people I miss.  I had familiar food, found myself in familiar haunting grounds (and even in some unfamiliar ones too) and I learnt a lot about myself.  It’s always said that you cannot truly see a situation until you step out of… Continue Reading “Lessons Learnt from Toronto”

Three of the vacation destinations on my bucket list

top vacation spots on my bucket list by Bewildered Bug

Do you have any dream vacation spots that you’d love to go on?  I’m sure you do – because although I’ve traveled a lot in my life, I definitely have some “bucket list” destinations on my list that I have yet to reach.  I am not sure when I’ll get to go to these places, but since many of them are on this side of the Atlantic, I’m going to try to take advantage of being here as soon as… Continue Reading “Three of the vacation destinations on my bucket list”

Handpicked Spring Snacking from The Healthy Shopper

Coconut and Peanut Pad Thai Recipe from The Healthy Shoppers and Bewildered Bug

Please welcome Shari back to the blog to discuss the handpicked spring snacking from The Healthy Shopper.  As you know, she has a houseful of bouncing not-so-baby boys, so they definitely enjoy their food – and healthy snacks are on the top of her priority list.  Interestingly, when discussing the Healthy Shoppers Spring 2014 picks, Shari had come up with her own version of easy pad thai, and this Spring (2015), she’s added a twist to a basic pad thai… Continue Reading “Handpicked Spring Snacking from The Healthy Shopper”

Spa Hacks to help you relax (by Cassie)

Spa Hacks to Relax at home with Bewildered Bug

Living on your own has its advantages – including the ability to truly discover who you are and what you need without any distraction.  As much as it was difficult to live apart from the Luv Luv for the last 3 1/2 years (approx.), I think I needed it because I have figured out what I need from life to be happy, healthy and the best I can be.  One of those things is me-time and relax time – and… Continue Reading “Spa Hacks to help you relax (by Cassie)”

Tori Amos reissues her first two albums, Under the Pink and Little Earthquakes!

Tori Amos reissues Little Earthquakes - #win a copy from Bewildered Bug!

Are you a Tori Amos fan?  I have to say I am a bit of one – I’ve always been fascinated with her brutal honesty and amazing musical ability, from the first time I heard about her until now, that I’ve listened to most of her Reissues of “Little Earthquakes” and “Under the Pink”.  If you are a fan, these albums are above and beyond what you’ve heard before! I am on holiday as I write this, surrounded by the… Continue Reading “Tori Amos reissues her first two albums, Under the Pink and Little Earthquakes!”

Sweet Memories…. with Swizzels Matlow

Sweet memories with Swizzels Matlow and Bewildered Bug

I was stumped on this post, I really was.  I was asked by the awesome people at Swizzels Matlow about my favourite #sweetmemories from childhood.  That is, do I have any awesome memories about candy (sweeties) from when I was a young ‘un.  I completely reached to the point in my ind that we never ate candy.  Then I decided to text my Mom – and she proved me wrong very rapidly.  There are quite a few candy stories throughout… Continue Reading “Sweet Memories…. with Swizzels Matlow”