Long Distance Loving – When your Valentine is Far Away

Long Distance Loving is never easy – and it’s especially hard when all the couples around you are getting all lovey-dovey  on Valentine’s Day!  How can you make sure your Valentine’s day is as fulfilling and special as theirs?  After all, your relationship is as important…wait no…MORE important than theirs!  So here are some unique ideas that I’ve found (some of which I may use this year!) around the ‘net that I think are amazing!

1) BoldLoft Pillowcases are Absolutely Priceless!

I think these are awesome because the lonliness of a long distance relationship really gets to you in the quiet times – like during dinner or as you’re about to fall asleep…and these pillows will not only cheer you up because of the cute decals, but also cause he’ll be smiling at his half of the set when he’s falling asleep – and thinking of you and how much he adores you!

Long Distance Loving - When your Valentine is Far Away by @BewilderedBug
these patterns and more available at boldloft.com!


2) Seven Days of Long Distance Loving!

Quick – you still have time!! (Yes I’m a little late for you for this one!)  I think this is brilliant – a little sweetness for your lover’s day both figuratively (through your little daily love note) and literally (through the little yummy sweetie included per day).  An easy and inexpensive DIY option, give your lover a whole week’s worth of appreciation and love!   Perhaps for this day, start it on Valentine’s Day and continue it for the week after, since I’m late at posting this for you – and you’re obviously late in looking for ideas!! (sorry I closed the site I found this on – if you are the owner please let me know so that I can give you credit!)

Long Distance Loving - When your Valentine is Far Away by @BewilderedBug
(sorry I closed the site I found this on – if you are the owner let me know so that I can give you credit!)

3) What I Love About You Book

Similarly to the “dating coupon book” that is wildly popular, this book does even more by way of strengthening your relationship!  I would personally make my own – buy a pretty notebook at a paper or book store and fill it out, but you can also buy this template on Amazon and fill it out with all the reasons you appreciate and adore your loved one!  This way whenever they are down and out and missing you, they can read why you think they’re special, get a confidence and ego-boost and think of you and how special you are all year round!

Long Distance Loving - When your Valentine is Far Away by @BewilderedBug
Make your own or purchase this pre-template at Amazon.com


4) Go Beyond Chocolate, Flowers And Teddy Bears.

This one is sorta for the guys – chocolate, flowers and teddy bears are all nice and good and traditional – but if you’re someone who gives these constantly, think about your partner and figure out something they’d really use and love…like comfy PJs, cute salt and pepper shakers etc…be different this Valentine’s Day and happily surprise them (in addition to the chocolate, flowers and teddy bears if you want!).  Perhaps you can even package it really cutely to give them that extra smile?

Long Distance Loving - When your Valentine is Far Away by @BewilderedBug
Sometimes that little extra effort goes a really long way!

5) Twelve months of letters or “Open When…” letters

No, you don’t have to write a love letter per day (unless you want to?) – I’m suggesting giving him twelve sealed letters for him to open once a month to get that little boost of long distance loving and encouragement that he needs.  Alternatively, give him a letter for every situation that he’ll need to hear from you – one to give him encouragement, one to get his blood pumping, one to just say how much you love him, one when he wants to know how to make  your famous chicken pot pie, one when he’s discouraged…etc. etc.  The sky is the limit.

Long Distance Loving - When your Valentine is Far Away by @BewilderedBug
Give your sweetie a little encouragement when he needs it or on a monthly basis!

6) The Way To A Man’s (or Woman’s) Heart Is Through His (Her) Stomach…

Nah – forget the chocolates, that’s too traditional.  Cupcakes?  So 2012!!  We’re onto things like macaron and meringues recently people!  I love this idea – making an ice cream cone out of meringues, chocolate and hiding a little note inside the cone.  Send them wrapped nicely (and securely) in some bubble wrap and there you go – a special and yummy token of love!

Long Distance Loving - When your Valentine is Far Away by @BewilderedBug
…just make sure he doesn’t eat the paper…

Other Awesome Ideas That Are Sorta Cool for Long Distance Loving

A clock with a countdown feature. 

This way you can set it to count down to the next time you are together so that you have something to look forward to!

Message in a bottle.

A more modern take on an old romantic idea – find a fancy bottle at an antique store or a flea market and put a special note from you in there…send it in the mail and let him get his message in a bottle to keep with him wherever he goes!

Message in a bottle KEYCHAIN.

They sell these little keychains in which you can put a strip of paper with a personal message – per.  That way he keeps your loving with him all the time everywhere!

  • Dreena

    Great ideas. I fancy those pillowcases!

  • Donna Navarro

    What lovely ideas. So inspiring. I just need my OH to read it now 🙂

    • “accidentally” leave the URL up on the computer for your OH!

  • Susan Styles You

    Love the pillow cases!

  • The explorer’s mum!

    How lovely. I particularly like the brown paper package tied up with string. Definitely going to be making use of this idea – still a few days before Valentine’s day 🙂

  • aww these are lovely. Love the brown paper package idea and the letters. how sweet

    • I ADORE these ideas! Completely shouldn’t have posted them all just so that I could keep the ideas as my own 😛

  • Gemma Button

    Genuinely adore all the ideas in this post, gonna have to share it on twitter! Especially the open when letters, if a man did this for me I would melt!

    • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if the Luv Luv did a set of “open when..” letters for me -but I don’t think it’s his thing.
      I’ll do it for him instead 🙂

  • I COMPLETELY ordered one for this year (shhh) – not one of them in the photo though – if you go to the site there are a few more designs. They do cups, bodypillows, t shirts…it’s such an awesome site, I’m so glad I found it!

  • Mellissa Williams

    I love this selection of gifts and ideas.The Open When letters are a lovely idea.

    • Mellissa, that is one I’m definitely going to do – just cause I sometimes wish I could have that type of thing. A little encouragement just at the right time in a long distance marriage is more precious than platinum!

  • Erika

    What an amazing selection of wonderfully thoughtful gifts! I love them!

    • I am so happy with it – some of it I’m actually doing this year myself! (Especially the pillowcases!) – they’re slightly different ideas, you know? That’s why I love ’em! Thanks for the comment Erika! Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Glad you love them – I was pretty pleased with them too! I’m completely going to be using some this Valentine’s – what about you?