The dangers of birth control

The Dangers of Birth Control by Bewildered Bug

No, I’m not here to bash birth control!  I’m just here to make sure that you are aware and educated about the dangers of birth control.  After all, the human body was created to procreate  – so technically birth control is very much against our “natural law” – whether you approach the issue from a religious standpoint or not.  All drugs have side effects – and most people do not seem to be affected by them – but what if you are?  What if you’re the one in a million who will have the adverse side effects?  It could be disastrous!

Personally, I haven’t been on birth control since around 2001 (I don’t know the exact time) – even though I’m on a lot of other drugs for other things, the birth control never quite suited me.  I was first put on it when I moved from Trinidad to Canada and the doctors realized that by regulating my hormones, I could regulate some of my worse allergic reactions, because they were cyclical along with my menstrual period.

They were fine for a while on the pill and I kept switching brands every time I felt that something was a bit off.  After years of doing this – I decided to quit.  No, I was not trying to get pregnant – I was getting some seriously debilitating side effects that even my (then boyfriend) husband was noticing.  The main thing for me was that I would get these cramps.  In fact cramps is the wrong word – I would get stabbing pains for 15 minutes at a time out of the blue.  I remember once we were in the Scotiabank Theatre and I doubled over in pain and the Luv Luv had to make sure I didn’t tumble down the escalators.  That’s about when I stopped.  I was having them before but this was really bad.  I was curled up in the movie theatre lobby for what seemed like an eternity, feeling as if someone had stabbed me in the uterus and was turning the knife.  I felt like the world was laughing at me.

I didn’t think of natural birth control much until my Mom started training to teach the Billing’s Method.  It was a bit awkward to have her ask me to track my vaginal secretions – but the system works, both to naturally prevent childbirth and to plan child conception.  I would advise you, especially if you’re having trouble with birth control, to look into it.  It’s similar to the Rhythm Method but with a bit more surety.  There are also teachers all over the world who can teach you the specifics and help you figure it out – and wrt my Mom, the organisation she was working with was through the Catholic Church – so maybe your church can direct you (call them and ask if you want to do it anonymously).  It basically means charting your secretions so that you can recognise when you are fertile and when you are not.  Will power does play a part in it but really?  We’re all adults here, right?

The other thing that happened recently that made me shy away from birth control is that my friend Nancy, from Whispered Inspirations, had an extremely bad reaction to the NuvaRing she was using – and when I say bad I mean life-threatening.  You can read about her experience here.  It was (and continues to be) a scary time for her.  She’s young and the mother of two young girls and yet was possibly dying because of her reactions to her NuvaRing!  Imagine how that must feel!!!  Even if you’re a NuvaRing fan – please do take the time to read it because you need to be aware of the dangers and NuvaRing side effects, if you choose to use one!

I know for most drugs I have a tendency to look at the warning labels and just dismiss them saying I’m not the one in a million…but now that I know at least one person who has been that one in a million, I’m terrified and extremely careful.  It’s not just birth control though, as I said above, it’s other drugs too.  For example, I recently changed my SSRI from Escitilopram to Fluoxetine (Cipralax to Prozac) and we did it quickly – possibly too quickly.  I took 3 days and weaned off of Escitilopram…then I had one day without anything and then went directly onto 20mg Fluoxetine.  Day one I was okay.  Day two moody and down.  Day three I was in tears curled up under my blankets with desperate texts and messages to my fb buddies and the Luv Luv.  Day 4 till 11, I was down with shaking, high fever and chills, clamminess, headaches, dizziness and fuzzy vision – and was still down on top of it.  I’ve sorta leveled out now but I still am getting evening headaches and fuzzy vision once in a while and my brain is not working the way it used to.  I’m floating.  Again.  And I’m hoping it gets better.

I didn’t even think of reading the side effects till someone asked me “what are the common side effects?”  and I was like – you know what?  I don’t know.  Guess what.  The common side effects were nausea and upset stomach.  The not-so-common are the ones I had and the “serious” were worse with things like internal bleeding etc.  I was one in a million on that switch and it was not pleasant.  I’ve got a doctor’s appointment next week to make sure that it is now fine.  I do need my thinking skills back though – so hopefully soon this brain fog will lift.

I haven’t researched all the side effects of many drugs and definitely not any types of birth control, I’ll be frank…but they’re readily available for you to find.  Who knows, you may just be that one in a million person who has the adverse reaction.  BE CAREFUL – if not for yourself, for those around you who love and need you.

Have you ever reacted negatively to any types of birth control?

  • Oh that sounds awful. At the same time I can’t help but think “I wish I got pregnant on birth control” – then again maybe not because I would be extremely young and irresponsible. Hope you are better now?

  • The explorer’s mum!

    You’re right, it’s certainly something we can’t avoid to be blase about. We need to look into it properly before deciding on the right choice for us – good general life lesson really!

    • Definitely! It’s for your safety and the comfort of your family in the end (what would they do without you?!)

  • Whilst i’m not sure that I want the burden of natural family planning it is a good reminder that contraception is something we need to research properly before deciding on. Thanks 🙂

    • That was basically what I wanted to get across – make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Go read Nancy’s post – you’ll see why.

  • WhispersInspire

    Thanks for sharing my story. I don’t share it to argue the choice of birth control but, as an example of what goes wrong when the manufacturer and doctors do not give you sufficient information about the risks. It’s a big deal and I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be alive. It’s a big deal, one that many don’t have the luxury of living to tell. Thanks again, m’dere.

    • Yep – I haven’t argued the choice of birth control here (have I?!) – at least that’s not what I meant to do. What I meant to do was remind people that they could possibly be the one person in a million with the side effects – like you were! Or in the case of the anti-depressants, I was!

  • mongupp

    Yay for Natural Family Planning!! It’s the best form of birth control! Completely natural and you get educated about your body and the reproductive cycle! Say goodbye to ignorance!

    • I do think it’s the best now that I live as naturally as I can afford to (Timewise, effortwise and moneywise) but the days of using birth control for birth control purposes are behind me – at the moment I’m trying to get pregnant so would be nice if you add me to your prayers so that God decides to grant me a popo one of these days!