Quickie Post: Why I Network – It’s Not All About Business!

Today someone posted an article in one of my Facebook groups about a view on networking at a conference (in this case it was in the BritMums Live 2014 Facebook group). The article basically presented its view on networking and asked you why you network. I actually started this as a Facebook comment but as it went on and on, I thought some of you may benefit from my thoughts on why you should network and why I network – it’s not all about business!

I have never really considered it specifically a business thing for me wrt my blogging because I started off blogging mainly for personal reasons.

I blog about mental health problems sometimes and I had a lot of that content before I started monetizing. This may give you a hint if where I am going with this!

The networking I have done in real life has allowed me to meet people in my area (wherever I have been – Toronto, Huddersfield, here in London), so I did not feel as alone, allowed me to deepen my relationships with people I spoke to online (there is just something special about in person interaction) and made me more comfortable in my own shoes as someone who is “semi-nomadic” recently.

I like networking at conferences like this because if helps me be more comfortable in my own shoes IRL and online. It keeps me from feeling as lonely and therefore keeps my worse depression demons at bay. Does that make sense?

It’s Not All About Business!

That is one reason it is so important to me to meet people at BritMums 2014 whether I have interacted with you or not online. I need to expand my London based circle and feel comfortable that there is a community around me that will support me if needed – online and sometimes IRL. I want to create friendships.

As someone new to the lonely City of London (as spectacular as it is), I hope Brit Mums will introduce me to like-minded people who live in the area, allowing me to expand my community both online and IRL and to make my transition to British life, and that of learning to live in and love this City easier for me.

Networking is not all business for me – it is connecting with my community, creating friendships and destroying the monsters in my head. It is community building.

That being said, I would love your assistance – after all networking works both ways! So if you are going to BritMums, or if you are in the London area and like having a laugh and a cup of coffee (glass of wine) once in a while. If you are out to create a friendly connection which may or may not benefit you in your business, please do contact me and look out for me IRL at this year’s conferences!

Why do you network?

  • I network for both business and personal connections. I think I actually have found more satisfaction in the business ones. Even though I live in the same city where I was born my life path and that of many of my friends have headed in different directions. I am always interested in meeting new like minded people on a similar path as mine that I can add to my social circle.

    • Yep – definitely – but that’s my point. My business networking has become so much more 🙂

  • Lindsay

    Hi Serena – You are so right! Networking is absolutely all about meeting people and getting out of the house. Other people lift your spirits. My own personal networking journey has been particularly enjoyable as a direct result of the people I have met. I hope you will enjoy Britmums 2014 as much as I did last year. The spirit of it lasted with me for days! By the way, I feel very flattered that my Britmums networking round-up prompted a post from you. Lovely!

    • Hey Lindsay, I completely wish you were coming! We could have been conference buddies! Never mind…at least you are now one of my treasures in my network! *besos*