Let’s Cap Cancer with The Knit Wit by Shair

I think that in the modern day, there is not a single person who has not been directly or indirectly affected by cancer.

For me, the latest event that I’ve gone through with cancer is that my Uncle, who used to be an adamant and unforgiving smoker, found out he had bladder cancer about a year ago.  Last year December he had an operation to create and install a neo-bladder.  The operation, thank God went well and he is cancer free as far as we know today.

Not everyone is so lucky.

Similarly, my Nascar-loving, crazy-knitting-lady friend. Shari, from the blog, The Knit Wit by Shair, recently learnt that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and that she has to undergo chemotherapy.

If you’ve ever heard anything about chemotherapy, you know that you tend to lose your hair during the process.  Shari decided to knit some caps for her mother, so that she could keep her head warm during the therapy.  She is a knitter after all.

Knit Wit
Then she decided to take it a step further – she is making “Chemo Caps” and selling them in an effort to “Cap Cancer” – with all proceeds going towards cancer research.  She is so generous and has such a huge heart that she has taken her personal tragedy and extended it to help all of you.  So I am asking you to please hop on over to her site and support her, by purchasing a cap or two, saying hello and telling her what a great job she is doing, some encouraging words for her or for her mother or even by donating some yarn or knitting materials to help her cover her costs.

Think about if one of your loved ones was diagnosed and needed chemotherapy.  Wouldn’t you want someone to be doing something proactively in the same manner so that the chances of your loved one being cured improves drastically?  It’s sort of a do unto others type of thing…..and God will bless you for it.

So, what are you waiting for?  Hop on over to her site, browse her store, find your favourite and help cure cancer.

  • Suzanne Westenhofer

    This is so sweet! What a neat idea to do this for cancer patients!

    • BewilderedBug

      It is a neat idea an Shari knits beautifully so these caps are excellent quality!

  • multitestingmommy

    Shair is such a generous, kind hearted lady!  I am so proud to call her my friend!  What a great cause.

    • BewilderedBug

      It is! I love her 🙂

      •  I love you too and appreciate the support so much!

        • BewilderedBug

          <3 Shari!

    •  Thanks sweetness!