You are beautiful

I recently read a really inspiring tale by Sheba Siddiqui over on the masalamommas website.

So inspiring that I decided to take action on it.

Recently I have realized exactly how much of a huge part my husband has played in my life – I guess in the end, you never REALLY know until it is gone.

At least in my case, it will be gone for only a few more months.

My husband has been my rock for so many years – not only was he the drug that kept me away from sinking deep into my mental illness, but he also told me I was beautiful every single day.

And I abused it. I told him that by saying I love you and telling me I was the most beautiful woman in the world everyday, that he devalued the words – that they become habit and not a reality . That the words become empty.

Little did I know how much they did for me psychologically and how much I would miss it when he left to go study across the pond.

Little did I know how much I would crave hearing those words and how much I would miss having him here, if not for anything else, for that alone.

So after reading the article I mentioned above, I decided to think for a bit. My husband believes me to be beautiful, yet I pile on makeup every day to hide my flaws – attempting to mask the beauty that he is referring to.

I have been looking at my countertop stained with spilled foundation and powder and blush and all colors of the rainbow, now engrained into my vanity no matter how hard I scrub, and have decided to strike.

I refuse to be that person anymore.

I refuse to hide behind the makeup and the hairspray anymore.

Unfortunately I am weak so I am only refusing to do this on casual occasions (unlike the brave Sheba who went to wedding sans makeup, I have yet to grow those balls).

I do believe a little makeup is appropriate in some situations (work, business meetings or weddings for example) and will therefore wear a little to these. Just a little. I will try anyway.

Okay so here’s the deal. I am going to stop wearing makeup every day in my casual life. I will only do so for business meetings or formal occasions that require it. At least to start – maybe (hopefully?)I will get addicted to the natural me and sport it like the latest fashion all about town. In the meantime, baby steps.

So I am going sans makeup baby, for my husband who loves the natural me and for me that needs to remember that I am beautiful the way God made me.

And the first step is to reveal me without makeup to you. (deep breath it may be scary).


  • Kat

    You are very beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      <3 u Kat!

  • Canadian Dad

    Couldn’t agree more with my lady friends on this one, you don’t need make up because you’re beautiful as you are!

    Don’t tell your husband I said that…..or my wife….LOL!

    Way To Go!


    • Anonymous

      Lol thanks Chris. Funny thing is my hubby’s name is Chris too. <3. I am sure he will understand 😉

  • Katrina Brady

    There is nothing more beautiful than revealing yourself! WTG! I think you’re gorgeous

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Tina! You know I think you are a hot mama!

  • Didyouknowcanada

    You are beautiful girl!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Hun!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing scary about that photo beautiful lady. Make-up is not for me.
    But I think it’s whatever makes you feel comfortable. It’s your body be
    comfortable in it. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks lovely lady, I am trying to embrace that.

  • Brandy

    You look great!  Embrace it.  That is the real you, a beauty!

    • Anonymous

      <3. Thanks Brandy you are a sweetheart! You girls are too nice to me!

  • Christine

    Your husband s right:-) You ARe so beautiful. Love you, my Trini sista! Xoxo

    • Anonymous

      Love you C!!!

  • Appplause** Bravo Serena!!
    I’m a makeup girl, I adore it but only to enhance my look. It’s amazing how we can lose sight of what’s really important as the days go by….well done.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my point Julie, I went from enhancement to hiding behind it and I want to try to reverse that. I know you love your lipstick, but it looks spectacular on you!!!

  • Good for you for taking a stand to not wear makeup on casual days. You are too beautiful girly! 
    I’m a beauty junkie, but since I became a WAHM six years ago, I stopped wearing makeup everyday to just let my face breathe a little. By doing this its made me appreciate the way I look without the makeup and appreciate the makeup for adding some touches to how I look when I do go out to weddings, meetings, etc. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I want to do – go back to the freedom of not worrying about it everyday and giving myself 15 mins extra sleep in the morning. I want to p back to being able to travel with a small bag of makeup rather than a whole armory!!!

  • Anonymous

    Aw you’re so sweet Patty – Sheba’s post came just in time actually because I was trying to figure out when I wet from enhancement to ‘correcting’. Hopefully this will help me reverse it – and with wonderfully supportive friends like you, I know I will succeed.