Eleven random things about me

Getting to knowwww you, getting to…um..okay that’s all I know.

I was tagged by Trish from 3 Kids and a Breakdown (one of my favourite blogs to read when I have some free time)

It’s a blog chain letter of sorts – but a fun one with tasks that will let you learn some superbly random facts about me.

Here are the rules of this chain blog letter thingee….

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself by answering the questions set for you in the post you were tagged in.
3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
5. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

So here are eleven random facts about me – I hope you like my answers Trish!

1.  What is your favorite curse word?

I tend to say “Oh sugar!!” (Okay, okay, fine….I know some of you know better….there are a few others that I use fairly frequently)

2.  What is your favorite martini?

I love the caramel apple martinis from Milestones (It has this awesome thin slice of green apple on top with a caramel drizzle…need I say more?), also a Lychee Martini is one of my favourites as well.

3.  What is your favorite Reality Show?

Arrgh – don’t make me choose!  I’m a Project Runway fan, Top Chef (Food Network) fan, Amazing Race fan.  Hubs has made me watch every season of Survivor – this is the first year since I’ve met him when I haven’t watched!

4.  What fictional character would you like to be for one day?

I’m sitting here and drawing a blank. I’d love if you give some suggestions – it’ll definitely be interesting to see who you come up with 🙂

5.  What is your favorite vacation destination?

Favourite places I’ve had with the hubby – probably the first time we went to Virginia Beach (seriously romantic), Favourite places I’ve been with my parents – Spain, Favourite places I’ve been by myself – Chicago….yes, I’ve travelled a lot, and am not sure how else to answer this question!

6. Favorite thing to do with the kids?

Don’t have kids (yet), but I love doing arts and crafts and cooking with kids.  I also tend to let the kids choose what they want to do and run around after them – always a fun day.  Maybe that’s cause I always can tire myself (and them?) out and then send them back to their Mama and not have to deal with them when they’re grumpy and tired.  😛

 7. Best parenting advice you’ve ever received

Everyone parents differently, don’t criticize other people’s methods – at least not to their face haha… (well I’m not a parent so I try not to criticize at all because I don’t have the experience.  At least, unless I see someone actually abusing their kid – then I’ll definitely intercept)

8.  Favorite recipe

Stuff I can’t eat – I love my Mom’s custard, doodpithi (dumplings in sweet milk dessert), my Mom’s English Trifle…*sigh*  I need new favourite recipes that I can eat.  Yes I’m on a sweet milky craving craze at the moment.  K – favourite recipe to make, recently, has been the lemon cake I’ve learnt since I have been going to my cake class.  Before that, I used to love making cherry clafoutis and before that, a Chocolate Chai coffee cake, and before that probably my Mother’s buttermilk chocolate cake and before that, “Grandma’s cake” (family favourite) and our no-bake cherry cheesecake or the trifle mentioned above…yes I like baking etc.

If it were something savoury…I love making baked chicken because we just throw everything in a pyrex dish and into the oven it goes….also love beef stew and my Trinidadian stew chicken.  I love the experience of making baigan (eggplant) choka and roasted & fried breadfruit because it’s just so much fun to roast these vegetables on an open flame…..I also liked doing garlic and pepper wantons.

Hmm….you got me going on food.  *sigh*

9. Nickname in high school

Ser….yes, the first three letters of my name, pronounced like the Spanish word SER – meaning to be.  No, it wasn’t that deep – it was just a shortened form of my first name.  Seriously, that was my only nickname….and you did ask about high school – you didn’t ask about the rest of them haha….okay fine, one more.  When I was small, my neighbour gave me the name “Buggy” – because I was one of those kids who had a belly and if I lay down I looked like a VW bug (Herbie anyone?) – hence Buggy…..hence the name of this blog…aaaahhhh NOW it makes a little sense!!!!  No.  You are not allowed to call me that.

10. Favorite flower

Orchids hands down – didn’t realize this until a bit after my wedding….but I’m in love with orchids.  I think every and any types of orchids – every time I see a new one I love it even more!  When I get a house of my own I think I’ve found a hobby (hopefully I like it).  I’ll need help from my friend Ryan T in Trinidad who has been growing them forever.  He has a different orchid for every different girl he ever had a crush one.  He has one named after my sister.  And one named after his fiance too – they’re gorgeous – yes the flower…okay and the girls too.

11.  Favorite movie

Don’t have one – I have a lot…..and it changes greatly…actually don’t have one right now or I would tell you…suggestions?  At one point it was “The Sound of Music”, then “Schindler’s List”, then……um…this really really depends on my mood & stage of life I promise!

And….the lucky gals who get to answer MY eleven questions (see end of this post) are below in no particular order. (Tweet me when you answer girls!  I’d love to hear your answers!)

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Okay girls, I’m gonna be easy on you  😛 – here are your questions!!!

1) What do you do during “me time”?

2) Post a photo of you absolutely favourite outfit/shoes in your wardrobe

3) What’s your favourite dessert?

4) What is the one thing that you wish you could have done/could have continued doing as an adult that you used to (wish) to do as a teenager?

5) What is your favourite childhood memory?

6)  Glass half empty or glass half full?

7)  What was the real reason you started your blog?  Are you still chasing that dream?

8 ) In three words, describe your life.

9) Favourite way to work out – if you work out?

10) How many siblings do you have and where are you in the family? 

11) If you could be anyone you wanted (real, fictional, dead or alive , from any era), who would you be and why?


And for the rest of you, if you have other questions you’d like me to answer, please feel free to put them in comments on any of my blogs – I’ll answer ten at a time.




  • Dale Ho

    Favourite cus word…lol!!! I say “Oh Suga” too!!! ROFL (amongst others 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Lies! Lol – you’re Caribbean based – I know you are BOT thinking sugar when you say it!!! :p

  • Thecompletefam

    Love this!!! Will get to posting soon!!! Xo

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait!

  • That martini sounds freakin’ amazing!!!

    I’m with you on all those reality shows. Amazing Race is my fav but I’m highly peeved they have Rachael and Brandon on from Big Brother. Gag!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lol I have missed Amazing Race too this year! My automatic remote control is in England :p. that would annoy me though but it’s not the first time they have done something like this!

  • Justmomthings

    Totally looking forward to competing this entry and jut for you chicka, I am giving myself 48 hour turn around for publishing. Lol.

    • Anonymous

      Lol aw – you are so sweet! Can’t wait!!

  • Trish

    Ah, so fun to get to know you more! Mmm Lychee martini!! And I watch all those reality shows too. Well, not Top Chef.

    • Anonymous

      Love this idea today – it was hard to come up with eleven questions!! And so hard to choose from so many great bloggers! Mmm lychee…I am a Food Network addict so their reality shows tend to be what I look at voluntarily!