Soccer Night Light Review

I remember that when we were small, my sister and I were vastly different.

I was short, a bit chubby (hence my nickname Buggy but we won’t go into that right now…), non-athletic and seemingly girly.

She was tall and skinny and hung out with all the boys in her class and played soccer…..and if I remember correctly she was the goalkeeper.

For my 9th birthday I asked for a Pogo Ball – and I got it.

For her 9th birthday, she asked for a soccer ball.  Regulation size.  Professional.  And she got it.  And I could not understand why in the world out of everything she could ask for, she wanted a soccer ball.

If that were now, however, I think I would understand – because even though I have no kids, I think this is the most awesome product EVER!!!

I’ve never seen anything like it – and I love that it has a little bit of a sense of humour – I mean, who wouldn’t want to kick a ball into a wall and get it wedged into the wall?  Think of the powerful kick – more powerful than those achieved by  Maradona, Yorke, Pele, Ronaldo, Rooney, Beckham, Giggs…(yes I am getting some of these from the hubby…..and yes the first four were mine and I think I just aged myself but anyhoo….).

The point is, that even at my ripe old age (ahem), I would love to be able to have the power to slam a ball into a concrete wall, and have it sink into it like custard.   If I were nine years old and knew what I know now, I would try it.  In fact, I used to try it with tennis balls as a teenager….no it never worked.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you what inspired all of this soccer talk….

I’m talking about the Safety Inspired Soccer Night Light by 3dlightFX.

The light was created when Canadian father, Tom Wegrzyn was searching high and low for a suitable nightlight for his new nursery for his son.  He could not find anything that was to his liking – it was either not attractive enough, environmentally unfriendly, ridiculously expensive, would not be bright enough or it would have a restrictive cord that could possibly trip someone….he just could not find something that he thought was appropriate for his son’s nursery – so, since he is an artist and an entrepreneur, he decided to create one.

Enter the 3D Deco lights.

The Soccer Nightlight is amazing – it is modeled after a regulation sized soccer ball and comes in a variety of colours to suit many different decors (Black, Cool Blue and even the Sweet Pink for the girly girl in your life).  It comes complete with a plug in adaptor and a crack sticker to put under the light to give the appearance of it being kicked into the wall.

It has an LED light in it requires less than 0.45W per hour and therefore will not drain your batteries, raise your electricity bill or affect the environment negatively !  LEDs are also very long lasting bulbs, so trust me when I say that it will be worth your money – it’ll probably pay itself off within the first week you have it up (no that’s not calculated – that’s just me)!

I love that it gives you the choice to use the wall outlet or to use 3 AA batteries to power the light….I mean how many wall mounted lights do you have in your house that are battery operated?  Then again, how many lights in your house are this cool?!

The light has a small switch on the side that is unnoticeable when it is mounted – making it look even more realistic.   When put on, it gives a gentle white light that illuminates the room just enough to see, but not enough to disturb sleep.  Imagine – having an illuminated soccer ball on the wall that will allow you to walk around a room without tripping over anything or walking into anything.  In the case of you Mommies & Daddies, it would allow you to navigate through your sleeping child’s room and avoid all the “forgotten” toys on the floor!

Imagine the expression on your child’s face when they come home from school or daycare and see the soccer ball in the wall of their room!

I think we should create a Pinterest page with all the shocked and excited faces – because they’ll be priceless…and I wonder how many chores you can get them to do by bribing them with this…..? 😛

The light is amazing, not just for kids, but also for adults.  If you have a sports themed room, or a “man den” as I’d like to call them – it’s perfect – I cannot wait for them to develop other types of sport paraphernalia with a similar concept.  I’d decorate my hubby’s man room – it would light it up just enough for him to see but not disturb his TV watching – and it’ll look “cool” and sporty even though he’s not really….If I had a room for him right now I’d maybe buy three of these things and line them up over the bar …. that would be cool…..

You can purchase this super duper awesome light from select Walmarts across Canada or from the 3dLightFX website for only $19.97  CA!!

The coolest thing about the 3dlightFX Soccer Night Light is the team of people behind it.  If you want to contact them and/or want to find out more about their lights, please feel free to visit their Facebook page as well.  They also have a booth at the CNE if you are in Toronto within the next two days.  Tell them I said hello when you check them out….

The team actually cares about the consumer – they really do – and to prove it they are celebrating the launch of the Soccer Night Light  by donating $1 from the first 3 months of online sales to a Canadian children’s soccer team!  What a way to support the kids guys 🙂

They  haven’t actually decided which team yet – so if you or your children are involved in a team, do feel free to submit your team for consideration – you just have to email  They’ll announce the team on November 15, 2011 and will contact the winning team via email.

Come on guys – you know you want this!  Go check it out!

Still here?  Fine – here are some photos to convince you to go check them out….



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