Incendia – the first of the elemental dragons


Indie Ink time!  This week my challenge came from Octoberesque.  Her prompt is at the end of the post…..In turn, I challenged Miranda with “Sanguine expectations“.


My name is Aurelie.

I am the daughter of the sun and the moon. The result of their tryst that angered the Gods.  The tryst that doomed them to be apart forever, eternally chasing one another across the sky but never touching….

I was taken from them as a baby and given to the Magi Warrior, Mikayla, for my education.  She taught me all I know.  How to create, how to heal, how to hurt, how to destroy….she also taught me my true essence – immortality as my name suggests.  Immortal youth and immortal beauty.

I am the daughter of two demi-gods neither human nor god myself and the only one of my kind.

I have been alive these 1200 years and have yet to have met an idiot such as this one that stands before me.

He is this skinny, elfin looking thing whose eyes are a bit too big for his face and whose chin seems to recede into his neck – he has had no life experience yet the all encompassing Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya chose him for this quest and no one doubts Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya – except for Plena Ipso during my second century.  No one knows what happened to him after he dared to challenge Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya and no one has dared to ask.

Now I had to be the guardian of this ….boy….this “Acıklı” as he searched for the four dragons who shape the world.   I used to ride these dragons as a child – they were deemed my protectors and my mentors and still fulfill that role, but I have been banned from telling these stories to Acıklı because it has to be his quest…his fate…his “destiny”…….destiny my ass – the only thing this boy is destined for is a quick death at this rate….

It would have been so much easier to do this myself – all I would have to do is summon these elemental dragons with the magical pendant that hangs around my neck….instead we’ve been lost in these woods searching for the Kuradi Metsamaa where we are to find the first dragon, Incendia – the dragon of fire that forged the supporting structure of our world with the heat from her belly.

She’s the easiest one to find, you just follow the ashes to the very center of the world, but this moron has already gone in the wrong direction twice.  I imagine Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya is watching us and laughing…..I find this no laughing matter.  I have much better things to do that to watch this moron make yet another mistake….

If he cannot even follow the signs that Incendia leaves behind her in her wake, then how is he supposed to recognise Incendia’s mate, Teria?   These two were the easier ones for a human to find – what would happen when he had to look for Divum and Dlo?!  The sky and water dragons definitely did not like to be disturbed by mere humans and made sure they were not disturbed by surrounding themselves by their elements where no human could physically exist.

The boy is calling me.  What has he gotten himself into now?!

“I am coming”

“Hurry!  I think I’ve found her!”

Highly unlikely since her lair is in the opposite direction but I guess I should humour him.

I turned the corner past the large mud volcano I was sitting by to be greated by a burning wasteland of fire, ash and lava….Was it possible the stories were indeed true?  Was Incendia was here?  Was the world in such danger that the dragons were moving from their kingdoms to meet for the final battle?

Fear suddenly started to rear its ugly head…..

“Aurelie!  Come ON!  We have to capture her!  I need to collect one of her fire scales!”

“We?!  I think not – Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya specifically said YOU have to capture her to get it.  I shall wait here”

“Aren’t you going to help?!”


“Oh come on!”

“Fine….I have some advice for you then…stop yelling because she already knows you are here…”

Incendia raised her head before I even finished speaking and looked at me with recognition in her eyes….then saw Acıklı  hiding behind a rock with his sword drawn and frowned.  Silly boy.  Swords just melt around Incendia……she was the origin of heat…two and two equals four, but I guess that was too much for him to comprehend….

Incendia, as gentle as she was with me, did not appreciate humans and Acıklı was as human as they get.  I could see her gathering all her heat into her diaphragm…her mane had already lit into a raging fire and she just had to open her mouth and it would all be over.  I rubbed the fire gem on my pendant – she  understood immediately that she was not allowed to destroy my ward…but that I didn’t mind her playing with him.

She blew her heated breath on the trembling sword that was sticking out from behind the rock….and melted it.

Acıklı dropped the hilt of the now melted sword, screamed…..and then ran away.

I grabbed him as he ran past me.

“What are you doing?!  Get in there!  You are B’Vat – you are to save the world!”

I pushed him towards Incendia who waited patiently for him to return…but Acıklı did not want to return….

He was terrified.

He refused to let go of my arm.

“She’ll kill me!”


“I can’t save anyone if I’m dead!”

“Probably not”

“Then what will happen?”

“Then everyone will die as well I guess….”

“She melted my sword…how am I supposed to do battle her?!”

He groaned and sank to the floor…his hair was a mess and he was trembling…I almost felt sorry for him…almost…..

He dropped his bag and a cloak fell out…..

I let out a frustrated sigh.  This boy just didn’t get it.  I guess I could give him a hint.

“What’s that?”  I asked


“That cloth…”

“Oh…that’s just something that my mother gave me when I was a baby…I keep it to remember her – I know it’s stupid but…” he looked up…”wait a minute…it’s not usually that colour!”

He picked the cloak up.  The colours on the cloak were undulating from the whitest white to a cool blue with an indescribably translucency….as he picked it up the colours moved even faster as if they sensed that their purpose were near and spread up his arm cooling him….

That’s when I saw the first spark of intelligence in Acıklı – he had finally put two and two together.

What Acıklı did not know was that his mother was Naida, a water nymph who gave up her mystical powers for the love of a human fisherman.

She thought she had found happiness but soon missed her life amidst the water and committed suicide soon after Acıklı’s birth.

She had left this cloak with him, created with her own hands from threads woven from the coolest waters that flowed deep within the earth.  These waters prevents the heat from Incendia’s lair from burning Teria’s delicate essence.  This cloak was well known in the non-human world – it was destined for this purpose – to protect its wearer from unbearable heat…

Naida had given it to Acıklı right before she threw herself into the fire in the hearth of their home.  Acıklı was just a baby, sleeping in the cradle right next to the hearth….

I was lost in my thoughts and did not notice Acıklı putting on his mother’s cloak.

He stroked the cloak tenderly, and then, with a look of determination on his face, he strode confidently towards my fiery mentor…he was going to get that fire scale whether Incendia liked it or not….


Octoberesque challenged me to write on the prompt “The four dragons who shape the world“.  I was really excited to do this because I LOVE reading fantasy but have never tried to write it.  It’s quite difficult for me!

I am not sure how well I did but I tried to make it an epic tale along the lines of Greek & Roman mythology mixed with fantasy, the world of fairys, nymphs, dragons and the immortal.  I hope I did okay and that you enjoyed this read

Have a good one.