This July I am taking part in the River of Stones Challenge.  
Join me in enjoying my small everyday experiences and memories…
…and in thanking everything that has made my life so amazing!….
I am always amazed at water…it can have so many faces….
It can be violent or calm, scary or fun, beautiful or ugly
It can sustain life or take it away

A few days ago it came down as such a light rain that you could barely see it except for on the car windows…..it was almost as if it were caressing you when you were walking in it.

It was hard to remember that recently it has been wreaking havoc on so many Asian countries…..

Today I saw it beautiful as I washed dasheen (taro) leaves to cook…
The water just sat in the leaf, reflecting the light, making the water look like glass….

The photos were taken with my iPhone so I hope they are clear enough.