Why I started blogging…

In 2008, I started a private blog.

I live in Canada and was organising my wedding in Trinidad.

Only one of the people close to me in Canada was able to come to the wedding.

I thought that this blog would be a way to keep my other friends up to date on the daily occurrences during my wedding planning instead of having to repeat it a million times on the phone when I got back.

I went through all different stories from my mother teaching me to change a tire only to find out that for some reason she couldn’t change that particular tire, to arguements, to wedding woes….

After the wedding it moved from being wedding based to “newly-married” based.  I spoke about daily occurrences between my hubby and I, places we went, the difference in our ways of thinking after we were married.

And yes, even though we had lived together for years before marraige, our ways of thinking about each other did change and we did have problems.  Those went on the blog too.

And yes – living together is not psychologically the same as being married – To this day I’m trying to put together why but don’t have a good reason.  All I can say is that society has ingrained ideas of what a “husband” and “wife” are into our subconscious.  No matter how long you have been together, your outlook automatically changes when your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance had become a spouse officially.  The bond you has becomes ever more significant….I cannot explain it any better..sorry….

I continued blogging and blogged about random things that happened everyday, random ideas that popped into my head, opinions that seemed prevalent….  More and more people who heard about my blog wanted to be added to the blog…..just to read my thoughts….long lost friends that I had found on facebook requested to be added to my email list….

I decided that it made no sense to add more and more friends to the list on blogger, especially since there is a limit to how many people you can add….so made the blog public…that way anyone can read when they want to…..

It was at this time that my husband decided to go back to school (this September).  This would require us to move across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom…that meant that I may be out of a job for at least 6 months – so maybe this blogging thing could actually bring in a little bit of income if I got good enough…so that was my goal when I first started this blog.

Now, I find blogging has offered me a supportive and amazing community with which to interact on an everyday basis.  I’ve not had friends and colleagues this close to me since high school in Trinidad.

It’s normally hard for me to make friends (maybe I have a slightly anti-social tendency in real), but there are so many other bloggers out there that are amazing women with amazing stories…and they are all so supportive and understanding…that I could not HELP but make friends with them!

I think I must socialize better online – My best relationship was created online.  I still remember my hubby’s anonymous first words over ICQ “Yo babe, what’s up?!”……no they did not make me swoon….but it’s hard to convey the sarcasm in the word “hello?!” that I sent back….apparently….then I ended up dating him and MARRYING him! 🙂

But I digress….it’s easy to do that when talking about the love of your life….

Blogging is now sort of an addiction for me – one I am glad I have.

It has introduced me to amazing mommies, spectacular “spoonies”, beautiful businesswomen (and men), wonderous writers and has even given me access to amazing giveaways….none of which I’ve won but fingers crossed 🙂

If blogging brings money or compensation in any way it would be good, but it is no longer something I’m focusing on.

What I’m focusing on is the relationships blogging has brought to me.  

The love and support that I feel from my friends online….

I am dying to go to a conference – BlogHer ’11 or Blissdom Canada ’11 would be amazing to go to if I could afford them and if they fit into my schedule…(and if someone wants to provide me with a Blissdom Canada tickets?  Pretty please?!  I am willing to pay!)

Why?  Just so I could actually meet these spectacular people that I speak to everyday on Twitter or via email…okay okay and for their blogging tips….and the parties…and the…   😛

In saying that, please comment when you are done reading this – I would love to hear from you and become blog/twitter/email buddies 🙂

Have a great day everyone!