A surprise find…

After 4 years of not living in this house or this country, it was finally time….

My mother had been begging me to clean my room for years…

I sat at my old desk remembering the hours of studying ….
I used to do my makeup here rather than at my vanity – because the vanity was so cluttered with STUFF…

Plus, my magnifying mirror was set up here so I did everything in this seat during my teen years – my eyebrows, my makeup, my studying, my musing, my spying on the neighbours through my window that overlooked their yards….

I didn’t even know what was in these drawers….

The first thing I found was the makeup set my mother had given me when I was 13.  My sister had gotten one identical to this.  A Revlon set of over 20 lipstick samples complete with matching nailpolish samples.  These samples had lasted years and years…..now they were sorta dead so I chucked it into the large garbage bag I had brought up to the room….

Then I got rid of lots of random paper – algebraic equations, quick drawings when I was bored…..

I found my elbow high gloves from my graduation prom.  Memories rushed back.  My friend’s overbig bright blue suit that earned him the nickname “Grandpa”…the slit in my dress being not high enough and having to get my date to lift me up stairs because I couldn’t raise my knee high enough….the shopping for all the various elements to my overly frilly dress….the slit eventually ripping enough to walk up stairs by myself.  All my girlfriends so excited and looking so gorgeous.  We all felt so grown up 🙂

Overcrowding our dinner table just so that we could fit everyone and their dates onto our table to eat dinner together….the parties….someone’s strapless bra slipping down to her waist as she ran to the washroom to fix it…..an awfully fun night – our first night at any type of party like that.

Then I found it…a large manilla envelope at the back of one of the drawers….what was this?!

Love letters – from two different “secret” boyfriends I had in high school  The first was more poetic.  He wrote me at least three love letters complete with (slightly ridiculous) poems every week and sent it to me via a mutual friends at Math lessons.  The second one tried to write a few to me, since I had insisted that that was what boyfriends did….he wasn’t that good and had settled for spending his precious allowance on Hallmark cards for me.

As I read the words from them both I laughed at how ridiculous the words sounded.
“Girl, I love you bad, but BAM here comes your Dad…!”

How was I impressed with this stuff back then?  Wow my head must REALLY have been in the clouds!

As I read each one, looked at the illustrations (talent I tell you!) and remembered…I felt a rare nostalgia that I had not felt in a long time…..and silently thanked these (not so) young men (anymore) for giving me that part of my life – without them my teen years would not have been half as interesting 🙂

  • Bobbi

    I always love digging through old papers and seeing what I come up with. How cool that you found the old love letters. I think this prompt has us all digging through our old stuff.

    That poetry? Priceless.