Yes I am obsessed….

I’ve always loved this….even when I was small I was fascinated by it….

It’s always been an addiction of sorts…..I’m not sure it’s a healthy addiction….it can become quite distracting…

…at first I let others do it to me…..the gentle curves, the soft hands, the wet, sticky gooiness of it….

….this morphing fluid had a delicacy like no other….

Then I started paying people for it…..it was just too beautiful – I craved it on my body…..I didn’t know how to do it as yet…..

Recently it came back into my life…..I experienced a private demonstration…it reminded me of how fascinating it truly is….

I insisted on learning how to do this to myself….I practice now, trying to get my movements smoother, trying to get just the correct pressure to release just the right amount…..trying to learn the control that all those before me have mastered to get the superb results that they achieve….

I’m still shaky – my hands not as sure, my movements not as smooth…but I’m getting there.

I promise to pass the amateur stage soon….after all practice makes perfect…..

I want to use it in the future, in ways that are different from the traditional methods….maybe even to earn some money…a little extra money never hurt anyone…..

I’m wondering if one day I could compete with the expert, Parvan, she does over 300 full adult bodies in less than an hour…..amazing….I wish I could imagine being that pleasantly efficient…

I want to start using indian techniques eventually – smaller, thinner…..diagrams and sketches…more intricate….

I want to learn and be able to do henna like an expert…..

wait…what did you think I was talking about?!?!…

…this is where I’ve reached in my progress…not that great….don’t judge me!!

I am an amateur….it’s sorta wobbly…it’s just pretty so I wanted to share.

The Hubby let me do his foot too!
Please excuse the lack of pedicure
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  • Branson

    I think they look great!!

  • Shanti

    Keep practising…maybe I will benefit someday 🙂
    It looks good!

  • Shanti

    Keep practising…maybe I will benefit someday 🙂
    It looks good!

  • Cathy Jennings


    You were very good at creating a sense of suspense for this post. I had no idea where you were going with it — but HAD to find out.

    The designs are beautiful, but it looks better on your foot than it does on your hubby's. 🙂

  • trininista

    They look awesome. I saw the feet before the captions and thought…OMG…why is her foot so hairy? lol.

  • Monique

    OMG!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to do that too!!!!

    They look so good!!! I am beyond 'uber jealous!!!

  • Branson

    I think they look great!!