A note to myself. Write. Just write. How hard is it to do that?  You’ve written more or less consistently for almost seven years. You wrote through your depression. You wrote through your anxiety. You wrote when you were alone. You wrote when you were happy and sad and inspired and bored. Yet you cannot seem to be able to pick up the computer, and type your thoughts. Now your life has taken this most unexpected turn at this most… Continue Reading “Blocked”

Weekend in London with my Travelex Cash Passport

Seeing London using that Travelex Cash Passport with Bewildered Bug

It was amazing the amount of warnings I received about the prices of living in London before I even moved to the city…..and you know what?  They were right.  London is an expensive city.  However, I truly believe that it is still a city in which you can go out and have an amazing time – even with a limited budget.  I was really happy to prove this when I was challenged by Travelex to have a day/night out in… Continue Reading “Weekend in London with my Travelex Cash Passport”

Black Sesame Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Black Sesame Cake with Chocolate Ganache by Bewildered Bug

I never thought I would be able to say that I enjoyed a cake made from black sesame tahini.  I mean the very idea of such a savoury item in a cake just seemed wrong.  I have surprised myself, however, and have thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with the layer of dark chocolate ganache on top.  The tahini made an absolutely unique, light, fluffy texture in the cake and the chocolate ganache made this cake an absolutely decadent treat.  To the… Continue Reading “Black Sesame Cake with Chocolate Ganache”

Festive Free-dom, Tesco Free From and #glutenfreehelps

Festive Free-dom with Tesco Free From and Bewildered Bug

Have you tried the Tesco Free From range yet?  I have to say amidst all the fancy brand names etc, many of the gluten free (and sometimes dairy free) products offered by Tesco have become a staple in my kitchen …so I was overjoyed when they told me that they were coming out with new products in the range and over the moon when they asked me to try some of their new Christmas free from products! When they said… Continue Reading “Festive Free-dom, Tesco Free From and #glutenfreehelps”

A healthy distraction with Fitness First #witnessthefitness

Now if you know me you know that getting me to go to a gym is a high order – because the word “gym” and I don’t go together usually.  So the lovely Shaun from Talented Talkers sent me these lovely gift cards for free gym sessions at Fitness First gyms, and they’ve been sitting on my table forever.  Then the whole divorce thing happened and all I was doing in my life was hiding under my bed crying and… Continue Reading “A healthy distraction with Fitness First #witnessthefitness”

Thoughts on divorce – part 1 of ?

In the book, “Rebuilding after your relationship ends” by Dr Bruce Fisher it comments on the fact that many of your friends tend to disappear when they hear the word “divorce” because in some way it makes them consider their relationships and the faults and failures therein. This weekend, I was speaking with my cousin and was telling her that divorce really dictates who your true friends are. At one point I thought that marriage did – but in a… Continue Reading “Thoughts on divorce – part 1 of ?”

Wow Me Moment

My Wow Me Moment with 32 Red Casino and Bewildered Bug

When is the last time you’ve had a Wow Me Moment? Do you even know what I mean by that?  Okay, let me explain.  You know those times in life when something just makes you feel so amazing that you actually say “wow…” whether it’s happily gentle or overjoyed whooping to the sky.  It’s that moment that just makes you feel so good about yourself that it just makes your whole body feel warm and light and energetic. I had… Continue Reading “Wow Me Moment”

Elvis Cookies #glutenfree #dairyfree

Glutenfree and Dairyfree Elvis Cookies by Bewildered Bug

Apparently there is the biggest Elvis exhibition to ever hit London on at the O2 coming up in December.  At least they claim it is – but I saw the ad in the tube when I was dragging my Mom around London this week … under apparent rioting but that’s another story.  Anyway, I was trying to figure out what to do with this awesome organic raw banana powder that was sent to me by Indigo Herbs – and then… Continue Reading “Elvis Cookies #glutenfree #dairyfree”

Gluten free and Dairy Free Lemon Danish Recipe

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Lemon Danish Loaf recipe by Bewildered Bug

I think you always go back to your favourite flavours for comfort food.  A lot has been going on on this side of the screen that I’m not ready to talk about, so when the GBBO decided to do an enriched dough on their finale, I decided I wanted to attempt a lemon danish recipe.  Well, that was after I googled what an enriched dough was, of course, because I’m usually clueless on things like this.  Before this entire challenge,… Continue Reading “Gluten free and Dairy Free Lemon Danish Recipe”

Getting my craft on with Hillary’s #Hillaryscrafternoon

Every once in a while I get crafty.  By that, I mean I pretend I’m good at crafting – and my latest attempt at it was sponsored by Hillary’s.  I was invited to attend a lovely little blogger get together near King’s Cross Station at a place called Drink, Shop & Do – a really cool little shop, cafe and craft space right in the middle of Central London.  Definitely somewhere I’d love to go again, perhaps with some girlfriends… Continue Reading “Getting my craft on with Hillary’s #Hillaryscrafternoon”